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What sets Dani's Barks & Rec Apart

Your four legged family members can get bored waiting around the house all day while you’re at work - Dani's Barks & Rec helps your dog get the excitement they crave. Walking, running, playing, and socializing are all part of an everyday walk for our pack! Solo walks are also available.

You can rest assured knowing your pup is having a great time in our professional care. Your dog's safety is a high priority with us. At no extra charge, new members of the pack are equipped with TAGG GPS devices as an extra precaution, just in case they decide to go adventuring on their own.

Kitties & Chickens too!

Going on vacation or just working late and need someone to feed your dog, cat, or exotic pet? Dani's Barks & Rec can help you out whenever you need it! We offer dog walking and pet sitting for San Francisco - including the Dog Patch, Potrero Hill, Ingleside, Mt. Davidson Manor, CCSF/SFSU/Lakeview, Daly City (West Lake), and sitting for San Bruno, South SF and Colma. Please call or e-mail to discuss your needs further! Dani's Barks & Rec is not just a dog walking company: we have experience and can take care of just about any type of pet you may have.

Ask about our dog walking or pet sitting services! We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

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